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The business is founded in a 500 sq shop premises in

Broadwater, Stevenage by Lawrie Alderman (current Chairman).


Working as a general Photographic Company, the TPS team

consisted of just 3 members of staff.


Investments into a Hasselblad and a Sinar large format camera were used to shoot for clients

such as Rialto Homes and Trust House Forte.

We acquired the ability to make large

Cibachrome transparencies for counter lightboxes,

for original transparencies, that were shooting

for the fast food industry.

TPS made the move to a

derelict factory based in Baldock

which was soon converted into a studio.

Purchase of a processor and

several devere enlargers for

commercial large format prints

added to the services that TPS were able to offer.


It was here that Arthur Davies (current Director) joined the team!

By 1992 digital printing

started in a small way...

TPS were one of the first to get

involved and set up “Imagine”

Digital retouching with top end

silicone graphics computers.

We produced a lot of work for

C&A at this me with the

assistance of the “new wave”

Mac’s that then started to take

over the industry.

In 1997 TPS brought a large factory in Letchworth.

A er a few years of much needed renovation, TPS made their

move across to Jubilee Road along with their new and improved

sales and production office.

TPS’s growth in both space and employees continued

alongside the purchase and set up of our first factory.

It was here that Nigel Darter (current H&S Manager)

and Jamie Fone (current factory Manager) first started

the production of our on going successful manufacturing


In 2009 TPS became the owners of EML Retail Display Limited

which extends and complements our business offer,

providing standard retail display items from leaflet holders to

shelf edge ticketing.

The purchase of our jumbo HP 3000 L360 printers has boosted

print output from 50m per eight

hour shift to 300m, as well as

boosting eco-friendly water based


Further growth of TPS and EML as

contracts are signed for our own acrylic fabrication and display manufacturing

company in Mumbai, India.

Our OCE 550 Arizona direct to media printer has proven to be

a great investment within the

studio department with its

fast and efficient printing onto

materials up to 50mm thick.

TPS were runners up of the 2013 POPAI awards.

We were awarded a silver for our installation at M&S Cheshire Oaks an opinion forming sustainable store concept on behalf of M&S.


In the same year we were very proud winners of the

M&S Plan A Property Environmental award that recognises

businesses that have taken its environmental, social and

financial performance to the next level.

In 2014 Neil Back, MBE and former England world cup winning back row player,

joined TPS as our business development director.

Tim Prodger, a long standing member

of our successful sales team, was made

a director in 2014.

In 2018 we had a complete refurbishment of our factory

and manufacturing departments. The most significant

change being the addition of the large factory extension

which will cater perfectly for our goods in and out department.

Winners of the POPAI awards 2014 for our work on M&S Monks Cross where

we recycled old acrylic displays in Milan to raw sheet and made new ones for

the sustainable store concept.

In 2016 two new large lasers where purchased to

support the continuously busy acrylic department.

The result of this boosted production massively along

with the efficiency of our work load.

Over these couple of years, significant machinery purchases

were made that saw very impacting results...

Our impressively large Zund flat bed

cutter router doesn’t disappoint with its

extensive capabilities. As a result of its

high-speed cutting of materials, over the

years it has eliminated a considerable

amount of man hours and laborious

work along with extending our work


Extending the building to house a giant automated wall mounted photographic paper roll box (one of a kind),

a film processing plant, new mounting facilities and

much improved offices.

We also extended our client list with new customers

such as Trust House, Dorothy Perkins and then

Burton Group.


Mark Adams (current Director) joined as our salesman

and started selling our own ‘Adlite’light boxes that we

had designed.



1997 - 2000












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Extention site
Extention site
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TPS celebrate their 30th year anniversary!

Over the past 35 years TPS Visual Communications has grown considerably from a 3 man team to successfully strong work force of around 45 people.

In this time we have developed and extended our skills and facilities which subsequently has lead us to become one of leading companies in retail display.